Ao Nang, Phuket. A walk on the beach

We arrived in Ao Nang from a ferry boat from Phuket. Our plan (we had even made reservations at a hotel) was to go straight to Krabi and set up a base there. We totally underestimated how beautiful Ao Nang was. We arrived at a gorgeous beach and before Kieran could even say ‘let’s find a taxi’ I’d followed a group of tourists to a bus that was bound for the town, only a mile away.

We jumped off the bus at the first sign of b’n’bs and checked into a great room for $10 a night. We got changed out of our travel wear and headed straight for the beach. There was a beach 2 minutes from our hotel but we wanted the one we first saw on arrival. We turned right and headed along the road towards the Noporathara Beach.

Kieran decided we needed some water for our walk and so popped into the local convenience store, while I sat outside in the sun. He was surprised to find me with a new friend when he returned! A local man approached me holding his pet snake, Lily. He told me Lily was only a few months old and was his prize pet at the local reptile house. He let me hold Lily for a long time, and I had a great time hanging out with her. He told us a lot about pythons in their natural habitat and how they make lovely pets (although they need a big tank and lots of space so don’t undertake the commitment lightly).

We arrived at the beach and were more wowed than before. The tide was out and the sand went on for miles.

We started walking (its at least 1-2 miles) and started admiring the shells on the beach. Something caught my eye though. A little crab that appeared as we were walking.

We kept going and tons more appeared! We had a hard time avoiding them all as we tiptoed through their homes.

It was a public holiday and all the local kids were out in force. Families lined the road to the beach, so we moved back to the sand for more space and to watch the kids play.

We arrived back at the marina where we’d docked. Beautifully decorated longtail boats lined the shore and the rugged cliffs formed a great backdrop.

We found a lovely shady spot to sit and read our books in peace for a couple of hours before heading back to Ao Nang town.

Top things to do in Ao Nang and the local area:

  • Take a boat ride – Book a $4 day trip by the beach on one of the longtail boats to the popular Raleigh beach
  • Check out the local wildlife – most of the local area hosts a variety of birdlife, reptiles and cute monkeys
  • Eateries – There is a whole street of awesome places to eat, but our favorite after a long walk was the Haagen Dazs on the corner


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