Lake Erie – Sandspits, Palm Trees and Star Gazing

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When you think of Canada, you don’t think of palm trees and glorious long sandy beaches right?  Yet there are numerous places you can find this all over, not least in Ontario.  Last weekend, Karin and I visited Long Point, a 42 km peninsula sand spit on the northern shores of Lake Erie – it is the worlds largest freshwater sand spit and the final 20 km or so is a world biosphere reserve designated by UNESCO.

Glorious waters in Ontario?!

If you want to escape Toronto for a weekend, then this is the perfect place to head to regardless of what you are after – be it boating, camping or a relaxing ‘seaside’ break at a resort. There are long sandy beaches at a number of places in the area including at Port Dover and Turkey Point.  So, if all you want to do is unwind and lay in the Ontario sun working on your tan on a nice beach, occasionally dipping in to the waters, you would love it here.

At Port Dover, you can head out and do some paddle boarding, explore the town and do plenty of clothes shopping and relaxing in the lakeside bars.  Port Dover really attracted us with its quaint beach stores (think surf brands like Roxy and Billabong), and even palm trees! We know palm trees can’t grow in Canada, but Port Dover has found a way. The beach seemed like the perfect place to chill, have a swim or relax in the sun.

Port Dover Beach

If you have a boat at your disposal, then we strongly recommend heading out to Pottahawk on the tip of the peninsula.  Here, you can park your boat a good 60 feet from shore in shallow waters, go for a swim, walk through the waves and explore the scenery on the island.

However, the real beauty of the whole Long Point Bay area is on a clear night.  We stayed on a boat in a marina – with the boat docked at night, and a BBQ and campfire to accompany our alcoholic refreshments, we were able to admire the remnants of last week’s meteor shower with shooting stars flashing past the millions of stars which lit up the night sky.  There is no light pollution in the area, so late summer and no clouds provides the perfect opportunity to admire the stars.

With so much to see and do in the area, you would definitely need a car to make best use of your time here. We did our road trip with this beauty below!

Having lived in Toronto for 18 months, I never appreciated how much I would miss driving.  There is nothing better than taking a road trip in comfort. Back in the UK, I was driving a mid-range car and would often wish I was able to afford the very, very tempting Mercedes car offers.

Now that we are living in a big city with a great and affordable transportation network (for the downtown core at least), we do not even need a car, meaning we save on insurance and gas costs throughout the year.  Money we could put towards affording that Mercedes one day, or keeping in mind gas costs maybe even an electric car!

However, from time to time, renting a car for trips like Lake Erie is definitely something we will continue to do.

 Lush grass by the waters of Lake Erie

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