How to Measure Your Softball Glove Size

The worst mistake you can ever make when it comes to the softball gloves is to rush out or go online to without prior planning to get some for your games. You need to purchase a glove that fits you properly. A glove that doesn’t fit you properly will be painful on your hand and your playing ability will definitely decrease. Measuring your hand size for the right fit is a great move.

Getting the right measurements


You need someone to help hold your hand out. At this point, your fingers need to be on top and the palm must face the wall with your wrist pointing to the floor. The person assisting you with the exercise should be good at it. He/she must measure your hand by starting from the tip of the index finger towards your wrist. The tape measure must be kept as straight as possible. The figure obtained will be useful at some later stage so note it down somewhere.

It is not at all times that you may have someone around to help you. At such a moment, simply lay your hand down flat on a table or something else that can help you carry out the exercise. You can make the exercise a little bit easier by taping the tape measure in such a way that it tapes from your index finger from where you will move it gently towards the wrist. Ensure you have it in a straight position and remember to note down the figure you obtain.

Let’s take for instance your figure was seven from the wrist to the index finger. The wisest move will be to find a glove that is slightly more than seven inches. Fundamentally, softballs start at about nine inches and thus this type would be suitable for you. However, at timers you will realize that your measurement is much closer to your baseball glove. The right thing to do is pick the next available size to avoid buying a glove that will turn out too snug making you an inefficient player. A tight glove promotes your efficiency as a player.

Do not buy a glove whose measurement is drastically higher than your hand measurement. The reason is that such a glove will too loose and that will give you difficulties while playing. Adults and the high school students, a short stop or a second baseman would need an 11 to 11.25 inch glove. A pitcher or third baseman would need an 11.5 or 11.75 inch glove whereas an outfielder would be comfortable in a 12 to 13 inch glove. As a matter of fact, your hand measurements must be taken in to account.

Buying a new softball glove is a challenge to many and find the best softball glove is harder. You need to understand the most appropriate size for you in order to boost your efficiency out there in the field. It is a good thing that measuring your glove is relatively an easy thing to do. Go online and research on the specific sizes meant for each and every position in the field. That will help you a great deal towards becoming a successful player. Do not be a part of the larger group that believes checking on the size doesn’t matter.

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