Capture the Colour 2013

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Capture the Colour

I took this photo earlier this year in one of Montreal’s Rue Vert, and it makes me feel so happy and full of celebration for colour and nature, that I had to use it as the cover photo for this post. Last year we entered our first Travel Supermarket’s Capture the Colour Photo Contest  (see post here) so when Seattles’ Travels tagged us for the 2nd time, I really wanted to compare my photos and see how much we’ve grown in our photography. I hope you enjoy, here are the rules in case you’d like to enter too!


Don’t forget to Notify @travelsupermkt on Twitter using #CTC13 before October, 9th.

Here we go..! 



I was doing some work in Chicago at a conference and was lucky enough to have some time off to visit ‘the bean.’ It’s such a unique attraction and it was fun to see other tourists posing with (and under it!) and enjoying such a great peace of work. It reflects the blue of the sky beautifully as well as the city skyline. Post here


Wadadli lager

The green glass of the beer in Antigua looked so thirst quenching after a day on the beach. It was hard not to go back for more! Post here


Red Snapper

Another photo from our recent trip to Antigua. We ate so much good food there and this picture takes me right back to our Christmas dinner of red snapper with traditional Caribbean sides and lobster. It was the perfect family meal and I will always have fond memories of this trip. Post here.


Fall Leaves

Walking down a tree lined avenue in Cape May, New Jersey, I couldn’t help but marvel at the fall colours, the reds, yellows and browns of the town. Cape May is really special to me and I am so glad that it survived Hurricane Sandy, because its a place I have truly left my heart more than once. Post here.


Niagara Butterfly

There was a time when I doubted that we would be able to get Kieran a permanent residency in Canada, and I desperately hoped and wished that it would work out. In March 2012 we were invited to Niagara Falls, to cross the historic bridge to America, get his ‘rejection’ of entry to the States, walk back, and become a permanent resident. While we were in Niagara Falls we passed the time by going to the butterfly sanctuary, and this little guy reminds me of ‘the butterfly effect’ and how everything could have been so different had Kieran not got his residency. Post here.

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