Fundamental Differences between Baseball and Softball

Sports in America enjoy an exceptional position altogether. It plays an important role in the American society by sharing cultural values, team working spirit and also contributes to the social and racial integration in the society.

Due to this, an overwhelming dedication is observed among the players and the spectators. Though the Americans derive pleasure from watching various sports played in the country, but none other than the Baseball successfully occupied the heart and soul of the Americans.


Owing to its fame and popularity, this sport is played on a national level, representing the Youth Leagues and the Major Organizations. Apart from this, many small Baseball teams have started evolving in high schools, colleges, town teams and more, which helps stimulate the nationalistic feelings of the countrymen.

Despite having the notion of what Baseball is about and how the game is played, however, still the mind of many admirers is preoccupied with confusion between what Baseball and Softball actually defines. And here, in this article you will learn the fundamental distinction between a Baseball and Softball.

Top 5 Differences between Baseball and Softball

Definition of Baseball and Softball:

  • Baseball describes a bat and ball game, which is played among two teams of nine players each, who take the batting and fielding in turn. The batting team increases run by hitting the ball thrown by the pitcher. The batsman then runs anti-clockwise round the four bases, namely, first, second, third and home plate. The run increases when the players come around the bases and returns to the home plate again.
  • On the contrary, Softball is an improvised form of Baseball, which is played with a larger ball on a smaller field. It is a game played with bat and ball between two teams of 10 players each.


How The Ball In Baseball and Softball Differs?

  • Softball is not soft in nature as its name suggests, rather it is much harder in form. The players do not use a soft quality ball, but due to its slow pitch, and often termed as the girl’s version of Baseball, this sport is described as Softball. These balls are larger in size, having 12 inch circumference and is yellow in color.
  • Contrarily, the ball used to play Baseball is much softer compared to Softball. In Baseball, the ball is smaller in size and dense in nature as compared to Softball. Moreover, the balls have 9 inch circumference and have red and white stitch in its body.

How The Bat In Baseball and Softball Differs?

  • While playing Baseball, you will find the bat length is about 42 inches. These bats are wider and include a grip, taper, barrel and a knob altogether.
  • In Softball, the bats are maximum 34 inches in length, having 2 ¼ inches diameter. These bats come in a plethora of materials like Graphite, Kevlar, Carbon and Liquid metals.

How The Field Is Used In Baseball and Softball?

  • Baseball is played on the field, which is diamond-shaped, normally filled with dirt and the ground is mostly covered with grasses. And the standard baseball base where the game is played is normally 90 feet apart.
  • On the contrary, the field where Softball is played is same as the Baseball field, but the standard baseball base is about 60 feet apart.

Who Can Participate In Baseball and Softball Games?

  • When it comes to Baseball and Softball, there is no particular gender distinction. Both the male and female team can participate in these games. However, owing to the way Softball is played, this game is often termed as the ‘Girl’s Version’ of playing Baseball in America.
  • Then again, we can conclude Baseball is a men’s version, since from the very inception, the game represents deserving men players to participate in the Baseball Leagues.

Fundamental Difference between Baseball and Softball

Though Baseball and Softball equally resemble an identical game, but in general, they have a unique technique to play. The official baseball rules define nine innings game at a stretch, where the pitcher throws the ball on a level ground, and can further throw overhand or sidearm as the pitcher prefers. Further, in Baseball, the runner can leave the base field any time, which will not be granted as penalty.

In contrast, Softball is a seven innings game, where the pitcher in the game delivers the ball following an underhand motion. And in this game, the runners are not permitted to leave the base until the ball is pitched.


Be it a Softball or Baseball, both the games are exciting and its thrill will intensify with each innings. Their uniqueness and the way they were played are simply mind blowing and inspire you to participate in the game. These sports are easy, yet enjoyable, so if you have developed an inclination for these games, then this article will teach you the basic distinction between the two sports, which will further help you to obtain the one that you like the most.